Why'd you have to wait so long to ask for help? You knew that you couldn't do it by yourself. If I'd have known a lot sooner than I did, I'd have helped you, but your silence was misleading. Now the paper cut has become a hemorrhage, and my Band-Aid's not enough to stop the bleeding. Swallow your pride; cast off your shame. When you need help, just call my name. I am just one man, yet I can't sit back and let the world defeat you. Don't hesitate; set yourself free. The longer you wait, the worse off you'll be. We will both do our best, and let God do the rest; He's gonna need to! You ought to know that this burden we now share could have been much lighter if we shared it sooner. I've got Aleve for your head, but it's unfair to expect me to know how to treat a tumor.


from Plays Well with Others, released December 16, 2014



all rights reserved


The Cocker Spaniels Charlotte, North Carolina

Homemade genre-free semi-autobiographical songs written, performed and recorded almost entirely by Sean Padilla, a Charlotte, NC resident who does his best with what he has.


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